Imagine the possibilities… You don’t need eyes to see, you need vision.
Think deeper. Dream bigger. Aim Higher.


The I Collective is an international boutique project management and design agency based in Tel Aviv. We specialize in branding and copywriting; special project development and execution; global partnerships; and professional development and workshop facilitation on a range of topics.

The “I” in The I Collective stands for “Imaginarium” – a space devoted to the imagination. The Imagination is a powerful tool that enables us to challenge what is and create what’s next. The I Collective’s unique strategic approach is leveraging our imagination and Creative Intelligence to develop and implement commercial, social, artistic, and recreational initiatives.

Client relations are our highest priority, and we have great admiration and respect for their work and time. We are committed to an efficient, transparent process, and aim to build long-term working relationships.


Branding & Copywriting

  • The I Collective specializes in brand strategy, copywriting and storytelling, naming, designing visual identities and logos, and producing marketing materials – resulting in creative, intelligent, and authentic brands to share with the world.
  • We believe a company must be meaningfully understood to be effectively marketed.

Lectures & Workshops

  • We create dynamic, engaging, interactive learning environments and resources that create wonder and engagement.
  • Topics include: 
    • Life Begins Outside the Comfort Zone – Pushing yourself into unfamiliar directions and fully step into your growth zone
    • ‘Corporate Philanthropy – Doing good is good for business
    • NEDworking – Network, Engage and Date – How to authentically create a meaningful, mutually beneficial network
    • Philanthropy & Nonprofits – Where are we and where are we heading?
    • Sports & Empowerment – Empowering persons with disabilities to realize their full potential
    • Disruptive Innovation – How creative solutions can change lives across sectors

Project Management

  • Organizations often struggle to launch key initiatives that are effective while maintaining focus on day-to-day business. Without a fresh, outside perspective, teams can become mired in delays, and struggle to make business decisions about strategic development and delivery. 
  • The I Collective offers end-to-end solutions for Managers by identifying, developing, and implementing special projects through innovative and scalable management practices. We believe that amazing ideas can change lives, and this drives us to challenge ourselves and our clients to step out of our comfort zone and dream big.

Global Partnerships

  • The I Collective focuses on sourcing and connecting our clients to innovative, impactful, and vetted professionals and communities around the world. 
  • We work with a multi-talented international team of professionals to creatively connect between people and their ideas towards shared goals.


We’ve worked with some very special clients over the years.

So, if you are looking for a creative team with the resources
and network to drive your vision forward, it’s time for us to talk.

So, if you are looking for a creative team with the resources
and network to drive your vision forward, it’s time for us to talk.